Brushmo began based on a very simple principle: quality oral care products and bright smiles should be rights – not luxuries. Our founder’s father and grandfather both served their local communities as well-respected neighborhood family dentists and when our founder decided to follow in their footsteps, he discovered during his years of practicing family dentistry that quality oral hygiene products were often absent from the daily lives of his patients.

Since that time, for 7 years now, we made it our mission to provide you with top-shelf quality products at low affordable prices so that you can keep your teeth looking great without racking up a large credit card bill. Based on his years of practicing family dentistry, the Brushmo toothbrush head is designed to the highest standards of oral hygiene technology. We understand that in today’s market, customers require items that are both of high quality and are affordable. To this end, our dedicated staff pride themselves on ensuring that only quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our products and that the needs of the customer are always met.

We are able to establish ourselves as a prominent online oral care retailer because we have and still are customer-centric in our approach to providing quality service. As such, we recognize that you, our valued customers, are the most important factor in our success as a business. We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases from us and the service our staff provide them. Our team of well-trained and friendly customer service agents are here to answer any questions and help you with whatever issues that may arise.

Here at Brushmo, the customer is STILL always right.